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September, 2022


10:30 pm 02 Sep 2022 Nama Pimpinan

Since 2003, Timur Jaya Lestari (TJL) has been committed to maintain an irrefutable reputation by staying focused on achieving professional goals, delivering results, and staying true to clients and applicants. Our success story is a reflection of the commitment and a proof of our well intention in business.

TJL specializes in supplying skilled and reliable workforce to all industry sectors and caters for all skill levels. Our marketplace expertise that coupled with our network of branches throughout Indonesia gives you access to the best candidates in the shortest possible time.

Enjoyed the privilege of being listed in the ministry of Manpower of Indonesia (MOM) and National Board for the Placement and Protection Indonesia Overseas Workers (BNP2TKI).

As a placement firms in the Industry, we understand the vast potential and advantage of placing Indonesia in gainful employment overseas. We have a large data bank of competent candidates in various fields that provides us an opportunity to evaluate from an appreciable database of resumes. As our candidates are constantly in touch with us, we are aware of their objectives, strengths, and capacities, which allows us to present the aptly suited candidate according to clients’ specifications (in terms of competency, experience, remuneration, and other consideration). Also, this enables us to set up interviews at a short notice, irrespective of the distance, and at the destination suitable to the client.

There is always a hundred and one reason to employ an Indonesia worker. TJL assures Foreign Principals and Employers of qualified non-skilled, semi-skilled, skilled and highly skilled, to top caliber management personnel. Our highly qualified, efficient, and skilled HR professionals have proven remarkable achievements to the candidates by recruiting them at the exact and the right places. We ensure reasonable casting for both employers and candidates. We also provide assistance on recruiting skilled people for entry level positions to the higher management.

TJL, a highly acclaimed and pre-eminent recruitment services provider, supply discerning manpower recruitment services to corporate bodies across all sectors and set ups for their manpower recruitment, especially in Gulf and Middle East. We have been trusted by some of the most reputable names from all across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to serve perfect candidates to fulfil their requirements.

Other than Middle East, TJL also develops the provision of services to Japan and Australia.

Our clients are treated as partners and our colleagues as a team. Our advice and solutions are shaped by each client’s unique needs and business context, and specifically designed to ensure they will get the best return from their investment using our deep local expertise.